The 80013 ZIP code in Aurora is on the front lines of the economic crisis as it unfolds in Colorado, according to The Denver Post, which reports that residents of 80013 rank first in terms of first-quarter foreclosure filings and total unemployment claims. The area, at first glance, would seem better off given its middle-class, white-collar demographics and “precious little poverty.” Yet real estate prices are down, restaurants aren’t as busy as they used to be, schools are seeing more homeless students, and there’s a shortfall at the local food bank. But foreclosures aren’t just notable in 80013, as the Fort Collins Coloradoan notes in a story documenting a new trend: homes trashed by their former owners before banks take over. And employment is a struggle for many in the state, including ballerinas, as The Washington Post reports. Meanwhile, 5280 provides a guide to real-estate myths and realities in the local market.