cutler-jay_140Until yesterday, the Denver Broncos’ new head coach Josh McDaniels had said quarterback Jay Cutler would not be traded. But after 10 days of trying to call Cutler, again and again, McDaniels and team owner Pat Bowlen have given up. “We will begin discussions with other teams in an effort to accommodate his request to be traded,” Bowlen said in a statement (via The Denver Post).

Cutler, who has started for the Broncos since the 12th game of the 2006 season, asked to be traded last month when he learned that the Broncos were entertaining a possible trade offer. It was a showdown, and, as Sam Adams at INDenverTimes notes, Bowlen stood by his man–McDaniels.

Several teams could be interested in Cutler, including Tampa Bay, the New York Jets, and Detroit, writes Sports Illustrated. Cutler was halfway through a $48 million contract and was 13 wins and 1 loss in games that the Broncos allowed fewer than 21 points, according to The Associated Press.

Still, one of the most memorable Cutler moments has been his taunting by San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers.