It appears, the long arm of the Colorado law will soon be able to reach into your car if you’re gabbing away on your cell phone as you speed to work, according to CBS4, which notes that state legislators approved a bill yesterday that will make holding a cell phone to your ear while driving an offense for which you may be pulled over. The state’s House of Representatives voted 39 to 25 in favor of the bill amid concern over the death of 9-year-old Erica Forney, who was killed in Fort Collins on his bicycle, allegedly by a driver distracted while using a cell phone. Juanita Chacon, a real estate broker and director of the Regional Transportation District, confessed to legislators that she was “heavy cell-phone user” until she was involved in several car accidents, reports the Denver Business Journal. Some lawmakers have suggested a law is too harsh, including Republican Representative Frank McNulty, of Highlands Ranch, who has said education efforts would suffice. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Dena Christoffersen’s father probably wishes there was a law requiring cell phone companies to alert customers when their bills become astronomical. Christoffersen, of Cheyenne, sent and received about 20,000 text messages on her LG and was billed more than $4,700, according to USA Today , leading her father to pull out a hammer and smash the phone to bits.