Penn and Teller. Fred and Ginger. Simon & Garfunkel. Sonny and Cher. There has been no shortage of powerful creative duos throughout modern history, and their success makes sense: Bouncing ideas off another person gives us clarity and a fresh perspective, and finding the right collaborator often yields a product that’s more balanced and multifaceted than we could have created on our own.

This issue introduces a number of dynamic duos who tapped their combined brain power to create elevated living spaces. You’ll meet a pair of former schoolmates who reconnected to infuse one of Boulder’s oldest homes with vibrant hues and playful patterns, as well as a homeowner and designer who joined forces multiple times over several years to add personality and meaning to a Cory-Merrill house. You’ll also tour the eye-catching interiors of designer Lindsey Jamison, who incorporated style ideas from three unexpected assistants—her school-age children. And in our guide to dusting off your entertaining skills, you’ll find five local party pros who can help you throw a stress-free soirée. The result of these collaborative efforts? Spaces and experiences that are as dynamic as Simon & Garfunkel’s vocal harmonies and Fred and Ginger’s tricky tap steps.