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It’s Easy Being Green

Easier than you're making it, anyway. Here, a by-the-numbers guide to recycling in Denver.

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It’s Easy Being Green

So you wanna be green, but don’t know where to start?

It’s easier than you think. The little things go a long way when it comes to saving the planet. We’ve got everyday ideas and nearby resources to help you conserve, reuse, and reduce right here in Denver. Plus, meet five Coloradans leading the environmental charge. A Denverite’s ultimate guide to going (at least a little bit) green.

Green is becoming the most overhyped color of the decade, a catchall adjective that describes any person, place, or business that gives a hoot, tries not to pollute, and otherwise cares about the Earth. We’ve got “green” ski resorts, spas, breweries, architects, mortgage brokers, and even handymen. But beyond its use as a specious marketing device, green is a vital way of thinking and living, an unavoidable path to a sustainable future.

Most Front Range residents (even those who aren’t trail runners, backcountry skiers, climate scientists, or environmental lawyers) consider themselves to be pretty eco-conscious. But are we doing enough? In Forbes magazine’s recently published list of the nation’s 25 greenest cities, Colorado Springs finished fifth, behind No. 1 Ames, Iowa. Denver didn’t make the list.