Maybe you haven’t been paying attention because there’s not a presidential race on the ballot, but today is Election Day in Colorado, and that includes Denver, which is conducting a mail-only ballot. If you still have one, and are inclined to vote, it is too late to simply fill it out and put it in the mailbox. But fret not: You have until 7 p.m. to get your butt down to the county clerk and recorder’s office or a designated drop site, writes 9News.

You may, for instance, want to chime in on Initiative 300, which would allow Denver police officers to impound your vehicle if you are caught driving without a license—even if you simply forgot your license at home or in your locker at the Y.

Opponents are trying to kill the initiative, saying it could leave Denver drivers paying as much as $2,700 to get their cars back if they’re nabbed by the long arm of the law, according to 7News. That’s more money than the Blue Book value of a lot of cars on Denver’s streets. I-300 builds upon a law passed by Denver voters last year, despite heavy opposition from local pols and editorial boards.

Westword takes an in-depth look at both measures and the true motives of their author, a Jefferson County resident.

There’s plenty more on the Denver ballot, including several contested school board races, the Denver Daily News points out. To find out more about today’s election in other Colorado counties, the Secretary of State has it all mapped out at its online Election Center.