The Martini Ranch has moved into Larimer Square. The new spot opened last weekend, although the launch seems to have been lost in the shuffle of all the holiday festivities held last weekend as well.

Don’t confuse the Martini Ranch with the Cry Baby Ranch, the cozy, western-themed clothing and gift store that sells all sorts of countrified items for urban cowboys and cowgirls. The Martini Ranch is a cozy, western-themed bar that sells all sorts of citified cocktails for urban cowboys and cowgirls.

See? Way different.

I’ll mosey on down to this new watering hole tonight, and see what happens when us pardners belly up to the bar and holler at the barkeep to rustle up some cold drinks.

Afterward, I’ll share that opinion with the entire world, or at least with anyone who cares to listen. And I promise to drop the lame attempts at sounding “western.”