While I’m thrilled to watch over my sprouting vegetable plants, I’ve been eying with jealousy my neighbors’ front yards, where pretty flowers are popping up. Even as a garden newbie, I know these now-sprouting bulbs were planted back in the fall, so I figured I’d missed my window for this summer.

But it turns out I’ve got time. Flowers like dahlias, begonias, and lilies bloom in June, and we should wait to put the bulbs into the ground until after our last frost, usually around May 15.

Need help selecting your bulbs? Check out PlantTalk Colorado, which recommends how to select your bulbs, how much sunshine your potential flower garden needs, and where to store your bulbs if you can’t plant them right away.

Bonus: Visit the Colorado State University Extension Web page for even more information on the specific flowers that do well during springtime in Colorado, as well as how to prepare your soil.