The “Coral” White Cabernet Sauvignon from Colterris Wines is a drinkable pink pearl that has emerged for its second summer season from Colorado’s Western Slope.

The winery, located on the southern mesa of Palisade, makes reds from cab sauvignon, cab franc, merlot, malbec and petit verdot varietals, so it was vital for the proprietors to also make a wine to sip during the hotter months.

“We needed to have something to drink in the summertime when it was 100 degrees out,” explains Scott High, owner and co-operator of High Country Orchards in Palisade. “So we made this.”

High and his wife, Theresa, run the orchard, vineyard, and winery they founded together. Roots of the winery’s name were astutely unearthed from the three-letter state abbreviation, Col, and terris, the Latin word for “from the land.”

Try Coral as an apéritif or picnic wine; delicate floral notes balanced with bright and smooth tastes of strawberries, melons, and guava. “I call it a ‘chameleon wine’,” High says. “It alters its flavors and adapts to any food.” In particular, try sipping Coral with oily fish, sushi, Thai food, and robust cheeses.