Boulder, if you hadn’t already heard, is one of the top places in the nation to launch a startup; 42 percent of venture capital in Colorado between 2006 and 2009 was invested there, points out the The Denver Post.

Still, Colorado’s economy—as well as the economies of several nearby states—doesn’t look so great. The latest “Beige Book” survey of business executives notes the economy “generally held steady in June and early July, despite weak real estate conditions” (via the Denver Business Journal).

And the nation’s economic stress, which had been easing for four months, worsened again in June amid increased bankruptcy rates in three states, including Colorado, reports The Associated Press.

No wonder a staggering 58 percent of Coloradans identify jobs and the economy as the top issues facing the nation, according to a poll conducted for the Denver Post and 9News. Economic issues, which beat out—by far—immigration and the deficit, are the number one concern among voters in all age groups and across the political spectrum, from left to right. The next issue in line for liberals is energy. For conservatives and moderates, it’s the federal deficit.