It’s about damn time. Tiki time, that is.

Denver finally has a proper tiki bar. You know the type. Paper lanterns, coconuts, wooden tiki gods carved out of exotic wood. It’s even a little bit divey. No super-chic highly polished theme bar here, just the kind of slightly tacky tiki bar that every hipster secretly wants to install in his or her basement rec room.

It’s not officially open yet, and there’s no sign. But if you want to be one of the first to check it out (and help decorate — they are accepting cool tiki stuff to help fill out the decor) drop by the Ramada Inn at Colfax and Marion. Instead of the forgettable Mexican restaurant/bar that formerly occupied the space, the new tiki room is taking shape, with a working title of Tiki Boyd’s — named after the Modern Drunkard magazine writer that inspired the theme.

Just don’t get too excited. There is nary a Mai Tai in sight for the present time. They haven’t even ordered the first vat of pineapple juice, and they won’t have the proper tiki glassware for another week or two. But knowing it’s on it’s way? That has my taste buds all a-twitter.