When I last checked in on James Dobson (earlier this year), the conservative patriarch was leaving Focus on the Family’s radio show, his last connection to the evangelical organization he founded a generation ago. The changing of the guard at the Colorado Springs-based ministry, to new leader Jim Daly, seemed to signal a transformation within the organization, namely, less saber rattling when it came to political and religious disagreements (as AOL noted back in April). While Focus leaders continue to oppose issues like same-gender marriage, as this Daly commentary published by The Gazette earlier this month shows, Dobson seems to need a new pulpit from which to preach his political agenda. And now he’s got one. Late last week, Dobson announced on his new radio show, “Family Talk with James Dobson,” that he will form a political-action group similar to Focus’, which invested heavily in banning gay marriage in California. “I foresaw three decades ago what we are experiencing as a nation today,” he said on his broadcast, while pleading for non-tax-deductible financial donations. “The assault on the family and cultural morality has become much more vicious” (via The Gazette).