Though it was more than a month ago that Gatorade dumped Tiger Woods, citing reasons other than multiple alleged mistresses, Jason Eric Kay of Longmont allegedly thought the “pop art” stunt by an unknown (or perhaps made-up) artist he supported was pretty clever. Kay, an unemployed artist who has been arrested by federal authorities, e-mailed local grocers to say the “unfaithful” labels featuring Tiger Woods and his wife were creating a good “buzz” for Gatorade, according to Boulder’s Daily Camera. Authorities don’t believe the liquid inside the bottles was tampered with and charged Kay, 38, with misbranding and altering food labels, notes The Wall Street Journal. According to a Food and Drug Administration agent, Kay says he was trying to emulate Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup labels. He settled on Tiger Woods’ image because he wanted to “get people talking about how stupid the whole thing with Tiger Woods is,” the FDA agent says.