Right now, it seems quarterback Jay Cutler, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, and Broncos fans are all losers in the so-called McJaygate scandal. The moody, my-feelings-are-hurt-because-the-coach-might-trade-me-Pro-Bowl quarterback was traded to the Chicago Bears yesterday, according to 7News.

Pursuant to the deal, the Broncos get the Bears’ first-round draft pick for the next two years, plus a third-round this year, along with the Bears’ sort-of-ordinary starting quarterback, Kyle Orton. The reaction in the Windy City is sympathetic to Cutler, if not welcoming, particularly from Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, writes The Chicago Tribune.

Denver’s legendary quarterback John Elway, meanwhile, tells The Denver Post’s Woody Paige, “I wish it hadn’t come to this.” The fans of Denver rivals the Kansas City Chiefs now “can sit back and laugh” as their team “might have improved their chances to contend for next season’s division title–without doing a thing,” writes the Kansas City Star.