There has been little change, from the public’s view, in the disagreement between Denver Broncos management and team quarterback Jay Cutler other than, as The Denver Post reports, officials reaching out to Cutler yesterday. Cutler expressed shock on Saturday, believing he could be traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a complex deal that would bring New England quarterback Matt Cassel to Denver.

The scandal is starting to sound more like a case of boo-hoo. Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, says Cutler remains miffed and “all this just threw him out of kilter.” The Broncos’ new coach, Josh McDaniels, New England’s former offensive coordinator, has denied that he initiated a trade.

Now some of Cutler’s “close friends” are encouraging him to shut up for “fear he might talk himself into a trade to a team such as Detroit, which went 0-16,” writes the Post, which adds that if Cutler fails to show at a workout later this month, “the controversy will rage.”