Due to an opinion column for the University of Denver’s Clarion student newspaper, a DU student has found himself in hot water—not with the school’s administration, but rather with Jezebel, the sister blog of Gawker.

Stuart Cobb’s “Seven Women You’ll Meet at DU” attempts humor, but the women of Jezebel aren’t laughing at Cobb’s list, which includes stereotypes such as “Trustafarian Girl” and “Activist Girl.”

To give you an idea of Cobb’s style, of “Pre-Med Boettcher Scholar Girl” he writes, “This girl actually earned her way through DU on her own merit! Wow! Unfortunately, all the studying she did in high school gave her little time for social refinement, and her constant lab hours mean she is more adroit with chemistry beakers than with your beaker.”

Jezebel, calling Cobb’s “drivel” just about “as bad as it gets,” doubts he’ll be dating again any time soon. The blog fires back with a list of its own: “Five Sexist A**holes You’ll Meet In College (And Beyond).”