Well, that was fast.

Jim Tracy, who led the Rockies to its worst season in franchise history, announced this past weekend that he was resigning as the team’s manager. Several news outlets reported that the 55-year-old didn’t agree with the restrictions that’d be put on him in 2013, which included decisions on who’d work on his coaching staff.

So who could replace him? With the backdrop of Coors Field-as-a-video-game-baseball experience and a roster that’s a bit of a wreck—especially with pitching—it’ll be tough to convince anyone with significant, successful managerial experience to come to Denver. But that doesn’t mean this still isn’t a good gig. There are only 30 of these jobs in Major League Baseball, and lots of people would love to have it.

For now, the list of prospective targets is short, and most of the names already mentioned have some link to the club. The three most-discussed possibilities are Sandy Alomar, Jr., the former Rockies catcher who was an interim manager in Cleveland this season; Stu Cole, who manages the Rockies’ Triple-A affiliate in Colorado Springs; and Tom Runnels—the Rockies bench coach—who grew up in Greeley and has close ties to Bill Geivett, Colorado’s director of major-league operations.

And, of course, there’s always pinch-hitter-slash-first baseman Jason Giambi. The 41-year-old has hinted he’d retire as a player with the Rockies if he were given the managerial job. But you have to wonder: Would he retire the magic gold thong, too?

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