Whether you love or loathe him, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, the Democratic nominee for governor, certainly knows how to think innovatively when it comes to creating an entertaining campaign ad.

He forgoes schmaltzy possibilities, like rubbing elbows with a crowd eating breakfast at the local greasy spoon. He doesn’t smile vapidly in front of a Rocky Mountain vista. And he doesn’t go for the jugular. Instead, he stands in the shower and attacks the notion of negative campaigning, saying it makes him feel dirty.

Hick, who has already purchased $850,000 in ad time this fall, also promises he won’t run any negative ads during the campaign.

It’s not the first time Hickenlooper The Entertainer has sought to enthrall audiences in order to achieve his political goals. You may recall the 2003 mayoral campaign ad in which he appeared riding his motor scooter. Then, in 2005, he parachuted out of an airplane to help convince voters to approve Referendum C, which allows the state to keep money that would otherwise be refunded to taxpayers.