030904-A-7842H-060Broncoland, The Denver Post writes, is divided. Half is “irked at the audacity” of new coach Josh McDaniels, while the other is “infuriated” with how quarterback Jay Cutler commented that he felt betrayed when the notion that he could be traded surfaced.

Former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann (pictured) likes Cutler’s “moxie” but asks him to consider 1981, the year before Washington won the Super Bowl, when the team drafted quarterback Tom Flick in the fourth round.

“How ticked do you think I was? What I did, instead of getting upset with management, I worked harder. I worked longer. I made absolutely sure who the starting quarterback was going to be in Washington. I would like to see Jay Cutler, instead of focusing on rhetoric, go to work, improve his set of skills and become a better football player. Because he’s not going anywhere.”