The rifle-toting suspect accused of kidnapping a couple embarking on a trail in the Rainbow Lakes area of the Roosevelt National Forest over the weekend appeared in court yesterday, making some bizarre statements. When Joseph Scott Carter was told of the various charges he faces, the judge asked if he had anything to say. Carter did: “Your Honor, you’ll also need to add levying war against the United States” (via 9News). Carter was immediately hushed by a representative for the public defender. On Saturday, Carter confronted the couple hiking along Como Creek. He “threatened to kill” the man and bound him to a tree with handcuffs, leading the woman away. Later, he tied the woman “to a tree using a piece of chain from around his neck” and put duct tape on her mouth. “Both [victims] stated that this male was making negative comments about Obama being president and made several comments about being in a militia group,” according to court records. Carter was fired from a business at the northwest corner of U.S. Highway 287 and state Highway 66 earlier this year after being accused of a theft he blamed on a co-worker. But Carter, who lived at the site, did not leave after being fired. Instead, he dressed himself in chain-mail armor with knives strapped to his belt and began yelling that he’d kill the former co-worker, reports Longmont’s Daily Times-Call. At the time of that incident, Carter was no stranger to the police, and he was arrested after authorities persuaded him to put down his knives and armor. Police quoted him as saying, “You should just charge me with murder because that is what I am going to do when they let me out.”