It’s over. Finally. Denver District Court Judge Christina Habas officially approved the plea-bargain which will end Lisl Auman’s life without parole prison sentence for the killing of Officer Bruce VanderJagt. Lisl was resentenced to 20 years in community corrections and awarded time served, approximately 8 years. We wrote about the terms of the plea offer here. She will serve several months in a halfway house in Denver before being allowed to live on her own. The judge did not order her to meet with Anna VanderJagt, the slain officer’s widow, or to perform community service.

Auman expressed gratitude to the officer’s widow, Anna VanderJagt, saying that without her support she probably wouldn’t have got out of jail. She also acknowledged she played a role in the shooting, lied to investigators afterward and caused pain for his family. “I never, ever intended for anyone to be hurt or killed, but regretfully that’s what happened,” said Auman, who read from a prepared statement. “I will shoulder this burden for the rest of my life.” “By taking responsibility, I hope I can encourage the slow, arduous process of healing,” she said.