There will be no ballot initiative in November concerning term limits for Colorado judges. The backers of the initiative say it failed to garner enough signatures . As I wrote here, and the Denver Post opined here, term limits for judges are a bad idea.

The proposal was the brainchild of former Senate President John Andrews and his group, Limit the Power. They began collecting signatures in January, but never met the magic number of 76,047 validly registered voters. If you think Andrews and his group will find a message in their failure and retreat, think again. They will now turn their attention to defeating other measures on the ballot.

“Our focus this year will be on curbing the undue power of labor unions, trial lawyers, and the spending lobby here in Colorado,” he said.

I wonder why they don’t turn their attention to what voters want this year — economic relief. Maybe if they gave voters petitions to sign for initiatives that promised more jobs, lower gas and grocery prices and help with keeping their homes out of foreclosure, they’d get some takers.