This month’s 20th Anniversary issue of 5280 is dominated, as our Julys always are, by Top of the Town winners. Readers can comb through the print edition to see who and what our favorites are in dozens of categories, and then visit for additional content, including our readers’ choice awards.

With Top of the Town owning July’s feature well, this month’s narrative reads reside in the departments section, where we have two stories that should resonate broadly with the 5280 audience. First up is contributing editor Laura Pritchett’s “My Colorado” column. With kid-on-kid bullying dominating the headlines for the past few years, Pritchett looks at the still-unresolved problem of workplace bullying. Yes, even in these supposedly enlightened times, such violators still exist. But in “Face Off,” Pritchett deftly dissects how she discovered this ugly truth, and how she used lessons gleaned from helping her children deal with bullies to begin to right the unexpected wrongs she experienced.

Our other personal essay in July comes from editorial assistant Lindsey R. McKissick. Her story, “Unaccompanied Minors,” examines how a first-time mom-to-be finds herself weighing the ways she intends to keep her children safe. (The author had her daughter just before our publication date, and mom and baby are happy and healthy.) By looking back on her own childhood and the way her parents taught her the value of trust and responsibility, McKissick begins to answer some of the questions that haunt, and hopfully enlighten, all new parents as they traverse these unfamiliar paths.

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