Morzel, LisaA Westword headline nails the current debate sweeping the People’s Republic: “Should exposing the areola of a nipple be illegal in Boulder? The ACLU says ‘no.'” But the City Council has voted a definite “maybe” on the subject amid questions from about a half-dozen residents and some council members who wonder whether the ordinance is necessary or discriminatory toward women. The 6-2 vote comes in the wake of police crackdowns on people who engage in group exhibitionism, such as the Naked Pumpkin Run or anti-oil World Naked Bike Ride. The participants aren’t necessarily viewed as sex offenders, but police could charge them as such. Though council members Lisa Morzel and Macon Cowles have failed in their votes against moving the proposed ordinance forward, they’ve convinced the council to remove language that would have criminalized the exposure of female nipples, according to Boulder’s Daily Camera, leaving it unclear (from the newspaper report) what, precisely, the law would cover, though public nudity would be an offense. “I don’t think it really addresses a problem,” Morzel (pictured) says. “I understand the desire to not have the pranksters be sexual offenders, but for me to entertain this, I need it to be non-discriminatory. And I’m not sure why we’re even discussing this.”