Things to do in Denver when you’re snowed in on a Sunday. (Purely hypothetically, of course.)

  1. Watch far too much television, until the point of physical discomfort from that nagging kink in your neck and the headache caused by your sad, strained eyes.
  2. Take digital pics of your kids/dog/flowers in the snow and send them off to every news channel in town to proudly display – repeatedly – throughout the evening’s newscasts.
  3. Find something new and creative to do with your treasured “indoor day.” Like, say, scrapbooking.

Seriously, days like yesterday offer a rare opportunity to dig through your basement, hall closet, or old bookshelves and work on those kinda-geeky rainy day (or blizzard day, in our case) projects. And now that scrapbooking is officially a huge trend – there are even online scrapbook superstores now- it’s a fine time to jump aboard the bandwagon and join the fun. There are stores all over town providing all the goods along with beginner classes; you just have to settle in and get started. So what’s the difference between a photo album and a scrapbook? Scrapbooks include all those oddball little souvenirs you collect during your travels through life. Notes from friends, postcards from lovers, matchbooks from restaurants, crayoned images from children, or a broken anklet bought on the beach in Mexico can all be worked into a lovely little collection of images and trinkets that tell more of the story than pictures alone. It’s definitely a project for girly girls, moms, and coffee clutches, so invite the gal pals and make it a party. Or you can always just spend more time alone on the couch. Just watch that kink — it could get nasty.