When Bryan Beck’s 8-month-old puppy, a Shiba Inu named “Rex,” snapped and growled at girlfriend Abby Toll, Toll allegedly took revenge by binding the dog’s feet and wrapping up the furry guy in packing tape, then attaching him to Beck’s refrigerator. The act spawned a fight between the two that eventually led neighbors to call police, according to 7News and other reports around the country. TheSmokingGun.com digs into the juicy police reports, which quote Beck as telling Toll, “Take him down,” adding, “You are so sick!” To which Toll replied, “No, you are sick for not caring enough about me to get rid of the dog.” Rex was bound for about 20 minutes, according to police (via Boulder’s Daily Camera) and in “severe pain” soon after authorities rescued him. Police also noticed a patch of hair missing from the dog’s tail area, which Toll allegedly told police was the result of an accidental scalding weeks earlier. Rex and Toll’s chihuahua, “Peanut,” have been taken in by the Human Society following Toll’s arrest on suspicion of felony animal cruelty. Beck was also arrested on misdemeanor charges stemming from the couple’s fight.