Heads up, playahs. Nuggets star Kenyon Martin celebrates his 27th birthday next week in true all-star style.

His birthday bash will be at Rise Nightclub on Thursday, December 30, and it looks like one helluva party. K-Mart has employed the services of LA promoter Charlie-O of Mouthpiece Productions, who will also be booking many of the scenester events surrounding February’s All-Star weekend here in D-town. Charlie-O has G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks booked for a live MC performance next Thursday, and also organized a “model search” to find a hot babe to booty-shake in Banks’ next video.

So far, in addition to K-Mart and his Nuggets party pals, 76er Allen Iverson has booked VIP bottle service for he and some of his teammates, and Denver Bronco Al Wilson has nabbed a table as well. The VIP tickets are $50 if you want to rub shoulders with the stars, or $20 for regular entry.