After a day of speculation that a body recovered from a ditch in Greeley was 12-year-old Kayleah Wilson’s, authorities have now confirmed the worst. Officials say the body is Kayleah’s, and it appears she was murdered, according to 7 News. Or, as Greeley Police Chief Jerry Garner says, the death “does not appear to be accidental,” and a “murder investigation” is underway. Thus, a $20,000 reward being offered by the FBI is still good if it leads to the killer. And it seems to be anyone’s guess whom that might be. “We can’t guarantee that it’s not a stranger who killed her. We have a wide range of people of interest in this case,” Garner says, noting that family members have pretty much been ruled out. Garner has met with Kayleah’s mother, April Wilson, assuring her yesterday that “we don’t give up on cases like this,” according to 9News. Garner also addresses speculation that Kayleah, who went missing in late March as she walked to a birthday party, appears on video in a Greeley Mall parking lot. “There were people in the parking lot that were on video, that one of them might have been Kayleah, but we have not confirmed. The picture is not good enough to say, ‘Yes, this is her.’ So that’s supposition. There’s no positive ID that she was in that parking lot,” Garner says. Meanwhile, Paul Sacco, the father of a Greeley woman missing in Nepal, has arrived in that country, where he has found a laptop computer and journal his daughter left at a hotel, according to The Associated Press.