Boulder, the city that recently fought a battle of the boobs, is set to ban wearing only underwear at its city council meetings.

Following an incident at a meeting several months ago, in which a resident appeared in his boxers, members will vote on new decorum rules that would make it illegal for people to undress during meetings, writes The Associated Press.

But not so fast, says the Boulder County chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, reports the Daily Camera, which notes that the ACLU fears the council will chill freedom of speech. The rules would also bar people from shielding their faces with masks, clapping, or stomping their feet, and they contain “many vague, overly-broad, and unduly restrictive limits on free speech and conduct by the public,” writes Judd Golden, ACLU chapter chair.

“Examples include use of the terms, ‘personal,’ ‘impertinent,’ ‘contemptuous,’ and ‘boisterous;’ that no speech may be directed toward staff or a single council member; and a ban on obscuring the face, which would exclude women who wear a Hijab or veil for religious reasons.” The proposed rules are expected to be voted upon in September.