Senator Ken SalazarKen Salazar tells The Pueblo Chieftain that he intends to “redefine what it means to be interior secretary” after making the difficult decision of leaving his U.S. Senate seat. But he’s got a lot on his plate, including flying to Denver with President Barack Obama on Tuesday as Obama promotes the new economic stimulus package.

Salazar admits he still hasn’t figured out all the details of his new job.

“It seems I make a new discovery every day about Interior,” he says. “I just found out the other day that I’m also a school superintendent,” in a reference to his oversight of the 47,000 American Indian children who attend schools on reservations.

On the agenda lately is the question of offshore drilling, as The Kansas City Star notes. The “conversation has changed,” the paper writes, as Democrats talk in terms of comprehensive energy initiatives, including wind farms on the sea.