It’s official. I’m a total dork.

Of course this is no surprise to those who know me well. But in this particular case my dorkiness has a brand new angle. I’ll be joining my new team of DORKS, the Playground Rejects, for our first kickball game on Wednesday night.

DORK stand for Dutch Original Recreational Kickball. I have no clue how the Dutch play, but the red-blooded ‘merican version seems to involve lots of beer, little regard for rules and regulations, and a whole bunch of not-necessarily-athletically-talented goofballs running around a baseball diamond chasing a big rubber ball.

This is my kind of sport. Just check out last year’s photos, and start counting the beer cans. (It seems to be doggie friendly as well, always a plus.)

Seems that plenty of other non-athletes in town are digging this too, since there are now around 20 teams in my league, with many other leagues organizing their own versions as well.

Half the fun is making up a name; the Playground Rejects will square off with Still Smokin’, and the Whiskey Dicks take on The Fockers, Fried Kickin’ takes on Dukes of Hazzard, and Balls Against the Wall will go up against Last Call.

Wanna hang with the cool kids? (Okay, we admit that we’re only the almost-cool kids.) The DORK league is closed for the current season, but several others in town are still looking for takers:

  • The Denver Kickball Coalition is still taking walk-ons. If nothing else, this is a fun group to watch, and is even LESS worried about rules and regulations than the DORK teams.
  • SportsMonster seems to be in between seasons right now, but will be starting again soon.
  • Escape for a Cause – Spring seasion runs through June, so start getting warmed up now for the summer league.
  • The Western Alternative Sports Association claims to be Denver’s kickball headquarters, and they’re signing people up now for Spring.
  • World Kickball League – these guys are serious, and they have THREE leagues in the Denver/Boulder area.