What if we told you there’s a spot in LoHi that hits all the marks for a go-to adult restaurant, sports a diverse menu to suit even the pickiest eaters, and happens to be a five-minute jaunt from what is arguably one of the top ice cream shops in Denver? Welcome to Avanti Food & Beverage.

The nearly two-year-old spot boasts seven individual kitchens hosted inside steel shipping containers (you’ll find five downstairs and two upstairs). The current eateries in residence are American Grind, Bamboo Sushi, Brava! Pizzeria Della Strada, Chow Morso, Quiero Arepas, Souk Shawarma, and the Regional. You’ll find plenty of options here, no matter your kids’ tastes. (The eatery was also named 5280‘s pick for Kid-Friendly Restaurant in our Top of the Town 2017.)

You can opt for one of five flavor-filled arepas from Quiero Arepas or a crab cake melt from the Regional just as your kid can choose a straightforward noodles and cheese dish from Chow Morso or the Queen Pizza (their take on the margherita) from Brava!. Here, it’s easy to please adventurous eaters, as well as your kid with a picky palate.

There’s no doubt that the secret of Avanti’s unconventional eatery is out—just look at the crowds—but there are a few ways to skirt the adult traffic with youngsters. We dined early on a Sunday evening. Instead of taking the immediate left inside the front doors and heading up the gorgeous rooftop with stunning downtown views, veer right and head past the bars (but make sure to go back and order a sangria—for you, of course). Find a few spots at a community table right in the bustle of the five downstairs restaurants. The noise of folks ordering and picking up food will buffer any squawks and kid chatter that normally might have you shushing at a restaurant. Wander around to the different stalls and order at your own pace. Within just a few minutes, you’ll be summoned back via buzzer and dinner is on the table.

Once everyone’s finished, head back toward the front door and wander up to the patio—specifically the stadium-like rows of seats. Take in the views of downtown Denver for only as long as it takes to make enough room for a scoop (or two) of the nearby Little Man Ice Cream.

If you go: Avanti Food & Beverage, 3200 N. Pecos St.