When the long arm of the law began to close in on Brandon Darnell Smith—the man charged with theft and assault after ripping a shopping bag from the hand of Cherry Creek Mall customer Bill Jordan, causing a partial finger amputation—Smith allegedly ordered a hit. Officials say Smith sent a letter to another inmate with a clear message: He wanted Jordan slain and even provided Jordan’s address, an apparent attempt to avoid prosecution, according to 9News. Smith probably obtained the elder Jordan’s address from legal documents associated with his defense. Smith also allegedly says in the letter that he is willing to help a friend rob banks and even kill someone in exchange for the hit, notes Fox 31. Now, Jordan’s son Jason, an attorney, says FBI witness protection urged his parents to change their names and move out of state. “He’s not just some small-time guy who’s ripping people off at the Cherry Creek Mall,” warns Jason Jordan. “He broke one guy’s jaw, tore my dad’s finger off, and he’s willing to rob banks, he’s saying. He’s willing to have someone murdered for crying out loud!”