Like wine in France, vodka has come to represent the national drink of Poland. But the association’s not completely accurate. Poles are as much beer drinkers as they are vodka aficionados. “In Poland, there’s a brewery every 50 kilometers,” says Robert Sutton, general manager of Colfax’s Polish bar, Kinga’s Lounge.

And Sutton is doing his best to remind Denver of that. At his year-old establishment, down the street from the Irish Snug, Sutton pours eight Polish beers–from Tyskie, a sweet European favorite, to the light Zywiec, to Pilsners and porters.

The suds pair nicely with the few authentic Polish dishes–like cheese pierogi and bigos–Sutton has on his lengthy, international menu. The lightly chilled, golden Tyskie is my personal pick, paired with the generous plate of meaty kielbasa, browned oven-baked potatoes, and tart sauerkraut.

Bonus: If you’re a Polish-vodka fan, Kinga’s serves 15 varieties in addition to its beer selection.

1509 Marion St., 303-830-6922