In a close race that was not decided until Wednesday afternoon, Eagle County proseuctor Mark Hurlburt was re-elected as District Attorney for the 5th Judicial District, which includes Eagle, Summit, Clear Creek and Lake Counties. His opponent, relatively unknown Bruce Brown of Evergreen, gave him a good run for his money — Brown came within 1,300 votes of Hurlburt.

The Kobe Bryant case was a factor in the race. Brown had charged that Hurlburt mismanaged the case and lacked appropriate trial skills. Hurlburt said they were a small office that got out-resourced. Hurlburt lost in Eagle County by 16 votes. It was Summit County voters who brought it home for him. Hurlburt resides in Breckenridge.

Hurlburt says he plans to concentrate on office procedures and form standardization, staff retention and sexual assault and violent crimes prosecutions.

The District’s Chief Judge, Terry Ruckriegle, was retained by voters.