Every Tuesday at the Funky Buddha Lounge, Denver artist Michelle Barnes curates the changing art shows and hosts a weekly opening party. Though Barnes is a Denver native, her years on the art scene in NYC left quite an impression, and the energetic artist works the crowd like a pro.

But this week the show is different. Rather than an single artist’s exhibit, Tuesday’s show will feature works from local and national artists that have been donated as part of a fundraiser for Boulder-based La Grave Publishing, a boutique publisher of poetry, experimental prose, and non-fiction.

Donated works for sale include photographs by Marisela La Grave, paintings by Sara Armendariz, Jeremiah Rush Bowen and many more. Scheduled musical guests include Cat Power, Devendra Barnhart, and Slow Rosa.

Admission is free, and the early crowd can nab complimentary champagne and other donated freebies.