With so much access to inexpensive fast fashion these days (thanks, H&M), it’s easy to overlook the people making it. We shouldn’t: Much clothing is produced in developing nations—not all of which employ fair labor standards. Fair trade companies, on the other hand, believe in livable wages, safe working conditions, and sustainability. October, which marks the ninth-annual Fair Trade Month in the United States, provides the perfect opportunity to support these companies. In Colorado, fewer than a dozen businesses are registered with the Fair Trade Federation, but Boulder is home to one of our favorites: Dsenyo. The company partners with female artisans in Malawi, Zambia, and Brazil to create jewelry, apparel, and accessories—while paying them roughly three times their nations’ minimum wages. Owner Marissa Perry Saints can trace the positive effects Dsenyo has on its employees, who are able to finance everything from their children’s educations to everyday household items. Dsenyo will expand its impact soon with an even broader selection of boldly patterned clothing, plus the addition of boys’ and girls’ baby wear by spring 2015. www.dsenyo.com