Erwin Vermont Washington of Lakewood, a United Airlines pilot who was stopped just before embarking upon a flight in November from London to Chicago, admitted in court that he was above the alcohol limit for flying a plane. He was released on unconditional bail after pleading guilty in England and will be sentenced in February, according to the Associated Press. Prosecutors told Uxbridge Magistrates Court there was a frantic race through Heathrow’s Terminal 1 “to nab the sauced flyboy,” writes The New York Daily News. After he failed a breathalyzer test, Washington reportedly responded, “OK, fine.” The 51-year-old Air Force Academy graduate logged more than two times the legal limit of alcohol for flying in a blood test that day. The magistrates declined to sentence him, saying the harshest sentence available to them was an $8,000 fine. “We consider our sentencing powers in this court to be insufficient,” said chief magistrate Geoff Edwards. Instead, Washington will be sentenced February 5 at Isleworth Crown Court, where he could face up to two years in jail and a fine.