The days of taking Fido for a quick stroll and calling it a “treat” are long gone. Modern pooches need pedicures, dog parks, play dates, organic meats and veggies, and any number of fashionable accessories for both doggie and home. So what’s missing? A doggie cafe and day spa, naturally. The latest addition to the pampered pup trend is Dog Savvy, a new boutique opening this weekend on Larimer Square. Fido will get the works with the Pawdicure ($30), a deluxe grooming treatment including a blueberry facial, using a particularly gentle blueberry shampoo for the sensitive eye and face areas. A mere $20 allows you access to the do-it-yourself tubs and the same professional products. The boutique area carries posh sweaters, sporty collars, and plenty of specialty food products including several organic lines. And the best part? Both you and your four-legged friend can hit the doggie cafe, where human and doggie treats alike are served up in style on the front patio. Now that’s the kind of treat that good little (furry) boys and girls deserve. Check ’em out at 1402 Larimer starting Saturday at 10 a.m.