You’ve probably heard about the bears caught breaking into Colorado homes. Now, a hungry black bear has taken a 2008 Toyota Corolla for a joy ride in Larkspur. Responding to an early morning complaint about a beeping horn, Douglas County sheriff’s deputies found a bear stuck inside the car, which was 125 feet below its usual parking spot on Ralph Story’s driveway, crashed into a tree, reports CNN. “Our Toyota was making a heck of a racket and was rocking back and forth,” Story says. The bear apparently was trying to get to a peanut butter sandwich left inside the car by Story’s 17-year-old son, Ben, who regularly drives the car. Deputies took two hours to figure out how to let the bear out, leaving plenty of time for the bear to ravage the interior, according to 9News. “You should see the inside of my car,” Story says. “It’s gone. It’s completely trashed.” Colorado Division of Wildlife officers helped the bear get out of the car by using a rope to open the door and allowing the bear to go on its way.