What issues do you care most about? Legalizing possession of small amounts of pot? Domestic partnerships? The Governor’s race? Ed Perlmutter vs. Rick O’Donnell? Angie Paccione vs. Marilyn Musgrave? Bill Winter vs. Tom Tancredo? Or are you from Colorado Springs where Jay Fawcett is trying to beat Doug Lamborn for the seat of retiring Congressman Joel Hefley?

No matter what your answer is, here’s the deal. Today, October 10, is the last day to register to vote.

All that is required is proof of U.S. citizenship, which can be done by providing the last four digits of your Social Security number along with a Colorado driver’s license or identification card, a U.S. passport or an employee ID card with a photo from a government agency, or a few other alternatives. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions from the Denver Election Commission. The Colorado voter registration form is here.

You snooze, you lose. Get registered. In my book, we deserve the government we elect. If you don’t vote, you forfeit the right to complain.