We’ve gotten lots of positive response to “Gone,” Lindsey B. Koehler’s moving report on the Aurora detective who worked tirelessly to solve the murder of young Aarone Thompson. Here’s one that showed up in my inbox this morning, reproduced verbatim:

I just finished reading the very disturbing article on Randy Hansen’s search for justice in the murder of Aarone’ Thompson. I am a visitor from Alaska staying in a local hotel where your magazine was the only worthy reading material on a sleepless night.  I work in child and family welfare and how this ‘family’ alluded the child welfare system speaks to the disengagement of the broader community. Surely someone in the schools would or should have noted that there was something amiss in their behaviors. In Alaska up to 80% of suspected abuse/neglect is reported by teachers. ‘Don’t get inbolved’ neighbors, friends and family is today unfortunately the norm.  I am pecking out this email at 3:57 a.m. on my Iphone so typos should be anticipated. Mr. Hansen is a heroic figure and his tenacity remarkable.  Healing is a long process for those who work in this field and the fact that “families” continue to abuse and batter their children and are able to hide behind the law, even after a guilty verdict, speaks to our society’s values and priorities. For if we cannot protect our children where is our future?

Dr MJ Longley

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Daniel Brogan
Daniel Brogan
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