In the final stretch to the August 10 mail-ballot primary, former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, aka The Guy Who Sold His House to Help Fund His Campaign, has to be pleased.

Weeks ago, he was trailing the sitting senator—Michael Bennet, who has a war chest of $2.6 million on hand—by double digits in the Democratic race for U.S. Senate.

Now, a new Denver Post/9News poll shows Romanoff (top left) with a slight edge over Bennet: 48 percent to 45 percent, respectively (although the margin of error leaves the two roughly even).

Romanoff’s surge in the polls is “dramatic,” says pollster Jay Leve of Survey USA, the firm that conducted the poll, noting Romanoff is building support in Denver among younger voters and people who describe themselves as “liberal.”

Romanoff declines to say whether he believes the poll to be accurate, calling the race “tight” (via Politico).

That makes sense given the similarities between the candidates, as 5280 senior editor Patrick Doyle points out in a profile of Romanoff that details the candidate’s political life leading up to this year’s Senate race.

Meanwhile, Bennet is expected to release data stating that he’s slightly ahead in the race.

As for the Republicans, Ken Buck still leads Jane Norton, but only by nine points, which is down from 16 points in June. The poll also shows the plagiarism scandal might have hurt Scott McInnis, a former Republican congressman who is running for governor. Forty-three percent say they support his opponent, Dan Maes, and 39 percent want McInnis. Eighteen percent remain undecided, according to 9News.

And the numbers become even more skewed when Tom Tancredo’s candidacy under the American Constitution Party banner is added to the mix. The poll shows Tancredo’s run could easily lead to state GOP chair Dick Wadhams’ worst-case scenario: a split vote, and a victory for John Hickenlooper and the Democratic Party.