At first, the employees of a local salon didn’t suspect anything when a man entered asking if a little girl could use the bathroom. “She just walked right in,” Sinless Sun owner Alix Peterson tells CBS4. “She was in there only about 15 seconds, walked right back out. I definitely had a sinking feeling like, ‘What just happened there? What did they do?’ I didn’t hear the toilet flush, you know. Did she use the bathroom?” A little later, a salon employee noticed she had been robbed; a phone and wallet were gone. And by the time the theft was reported, the crooks had racked up about $2,000 in illegal credit card charges. A pair of adults work intermittently with the girl, about age four, and a boy, about six years old, entering spas and salons on the pretense of using a lavatory, according to police (via The Denver Post). While the child creates a distraction, the adults check break rooms, offices, and other areas for things to nab. At least eight businesses have been hit by the suspects, who are described as Latino. The man is 6 feet tall, 175 pounds, with short, dark-brown hair; the woman is of medium height, about 200 pounds, with thick eyebrows drawn in and hair dyed red or blond. They ride in a light-blue, compact, four-door sedan.