David Lane, Ward Churchill’s attorney, has confirmed to the Denver Post that a buyout agreement has been reached between the University of Colorado and Churchill. It should be finalized this weekend.

Embattled University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill has reached an agreement with the school on the dollar terms of a buyout proposal — now both sides have to decide whether they can accept the implications of making a deal, according to sources familiar with the talks. Three people close to the negotiations between lawyers for Churchill and CU said the sides had agreed to a dollar figure “much less” than $1 million and, perhaps, less than $500,000.

Still to be resolved are the conditions of the buyout.

But in addition to the money, Churchill wants to make sure his reputation isn’t impugned as he leaves CU and that the university puts out no statement denigrating his scholarship or his right to free speech

Governor Bill Owens personally is opposed to a buyout, but even he acknowledges it’s up to CU’s Board of Regents.