I was recently introduced to High Plains Bison, a Denver-based online bison supplier, and have to admit: I’m now a convert. While I love a good beef steak, I love even more that bison is lower in both fat and cholesterol than beef, pork, chicken, and salmon. Plus, all High Plains meat come from ranches that use no hormones or antibiotics, and where bison are allowed to roam freely on the plains. (Remind you of a song?)

Despite the lower fat content, the company’s rib-eyes are tender and flavorful. Try pan-searing them over high heat and then gently warming them the rest of the way on the grill. (Medium rare is ideal for this cut.)

High Plains offers a comprehensive mail-order lineup (meat is delivered on dry ice in Styrofoam coolers) that includes everything from bison baby-backs and chateaubriand to bison pastrami and chili.

1395 S. Platte River Dr., 1-877-526-7375