Modern Drunkard Magazine editor Frank Rich is worried about pissing off Hunter S. Thompson’s ghost.

Apparently, he’s giving a eulogy to the Good Doctor on Sunday to wrap up the Modern Drunkard Magazine Convention 2005 that hits the Odgen Theatre tonight through Sunday, and he’s worried that if he gets too hammered he will be haunted by an angry Hunter.

Looks like the fun starts this afternoon with cocktails at the Lion’s Lair, an appropriately divey den of hedonism, then moves to the Odgen for a meet-and-greet later today. Tonight, Marky Ramone takes the stage, along with burlesque performances by Oh La La, Elvis impersonators, stand-up (and fall down) comedy shows, and the first round of a three-day elimination drinking contest, and music by King Rat and Marky Ramone doing the music of the Ramones. And that’s just tonight’s schedule. Later this weekend, a series of “soused seminars” include educational tidbits on the Evils of Prohibition, Forgotten Cocktails, and Great Drinking Cults, and local bands Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Drag the River and the Railbenders take the stage.

Livers will be pickled, drinks will flow freely, and come Monday many conventioneers will have a raging hangover and a fuzzy recollection of the entire experience. (No worries, both CNN and the BBC are expected to record the event so you can see the video later to remind you of your insanity.)

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