Election Day may be November 2, but many Coloradans are taking advantage of early voting, which began Monday. In Pueblo, for instance, more than 14 percent of the 37,000 mail-in ballots have been returned, according to the Chieftain.

Overall, more Republicans (81,545 voters) than Democrats (71,325 voters) have cast ballots, in addition to 41,000 unaffiliated voters, notes The Hill. The only places where Republicans don’t outnumber Democratic early voters are Denver and Boulder counties.

While that may seem grim for Democrats, the numbers indicate something else to The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder, who writes, “There is no Republican surge/tsunami/wave/upwelling/flood/what-have-you.” Though Democrats appear to be “losing” statewide, he adds, there is still plenty of time to go until Election Day. In 2008, Democrats were losing at the same pace before eventually winning the state. Moreover, there are some trends that seem to highly favor Democrats, including that the party has tracked 15,000 votes from Denver over the past two days, and only 22 percent of them are Republican.