myspace-photo2It’s been less than a month since allegations first surfaced that surgical technician Kristen Diane Parker stole drugs at hospitals and in the process infected patients with hepatitis C, a liver-damaging condition. And now the lawsuits will begin to emerge. Ads are flooding television stations and newspapers in Denver and Colorado Springs, as lawyers attempt to reach thousands of potentially inflicted patients who were treated at Rose Medical Center and Audubon Surgery Center. Parker, who was recently indicted on charges for swapping out painkillers for dirty needles filled with saline, worked at both institutions. An ad in the Colorado Springs Gazette from Houston attorney Michael Moore reads, “You may have been exposed to the Potentially Deadly Virus Hepatitis C!” Frank D. “The Strong Arm” Azar and his Aurora law firm are running television ads. Azar has already filed one suit against Rose on behalf of a woman, according to Law Week Colorado.