Rep. Jared Polis (D) @jaredpolis

“I was in the room when @repdonyoung suggested if we let loose wolves in some areas, then we ‘wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.'”

Deleted on April 13, 2015, after five weeks

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D) @Ed4Colorado

“RT @TheOnion: Dad Delivers State Of The Union Rebuttal Directly Into Television Screen.”

Deleted on January 21, 2015, after six hours

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) @RepDLamborn

“Congressman Stockton declares chlamydia more popular than Obamacare.”

Deleted on November 14, 2013, after 60 seconds

Senator Cory Gardner (R) @SenCoryGardner

“Can u send a couple tweets about my mtgs today? Thx.”

Deleted on August 29, 2013, after 23 seconds